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Сумматор Heritage Audio 20-канальный

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    255 400
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Heritage Audio MCM-20.4 analogue summing with an innovative subgroup system designed to offer the same summing topology of legendary vintage series 80 consoles

16 input x 4 subgroup x 4 aux x 2 insert master +2 master Rackmount Mixer

The MCM-20.4 offers 16 input channels, each with Pan and Level controls, insert and bypass. It also includes two stereo subgroups, which are fed by each row of 8 inputs. Channels 1-8 feed to Sub 1-2, 9-16 into Sub 3-4. These subgroups also offer inserts per channel. The subgroups are fed to the master fader, which offers a final stereo insert. The MCM-20.4 also includes 2 mono and 1 stereo Aux. Each of the 16 channels also includes Aux send controls. Signals can be sent to either Aux 1 & 2 or 3 (selectable via push switch).

Connections 16 inputs via four DB25 connectors
16 insert sends via four DB25 connectors
16 insert returns via four DB25 connectors
4 subgroup & 4 aux insert sends via DB25 connector
4 subgroup & 4 aux insert returns via DB25 connector
Stereo master insert sends via XLR
Stereo master insert returns via XLR
Stereo master output via XLR
Stereo monitor output via XLR


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